This jatha is paying its contribution to control the traffic during all Nagar Kirtans in Chandigarh. This jatha has also controlled the traffic in all Kirtan Darbars which were organized in Chandigarh. This jatha also pays its responsibility to control the traffic at Gurudwara Nada Sahib on every Pooranmashi because there is a lot of traffic problem during the Pooranmashi and people are very happy with the working of this jatha.
More than 50+ members are there in jatha.List of them are given below:

Chairman :                         Vaid S.S. Yogi 9914000365

President :                        Kirpal Singh 9814972488

Vice-President :                 Sukhwinder Singh 9855211888

Gen. Sec. :                        Jaswinder Singh 9815317000

Joint Sec. :                       Harmeet Singh 9417359438

Cashier Executive :           Prem Singh 9815994132

Member :                           Mohan Singh 9872090267

Member :                           Preetinder Sing 9417683678

Member :                           Harpreet Singh 9988024076

Member :                         Jasbir Singh 9779931870

Member :                          Gurjeet Singh 9464087234

Member :                         Onkar Singh 9592294000

Member :                         Satnam Singh 9914870047

Member :                         Nirmaljeet Singh 9888744094

Member :                         Harpreet Singh 8968243443


Traffic Management at Gurdwaras

Khalsa Traffic Control Jatha (Regd.) Chandigarh was started on the eve of Baisakhi April 2013 in the chairmanship of Vaid Sukhjinder Singh Yogi.

It controls and regulate Traffic of Sangat & transpot in various Gurdwaras in tricity & on the occasion of Gurmat Programms/ Nagar Kirtans.
Specially on the occasion of Puranmashi at Gurdwara Nada Sahib Panchkula Regularly.
Every Monday Traffic Control Jatha is providing free sava at Sector 22 Gurdwara, Chandigarh since June,2013.
Paidal Yatra once in a month (Saturday) from Sector 22 Gurdwara to Nada Sahib is being regulated by Khalsa Traffic Control Jatha (Regd.).
Sewa has been performed at, 8 local Nagar Kirtan programmes, 47 Gurmat Samagams till date
Sewa was also performed by Khalsa Traffic Control Jatha Regd. Outside tricity in various Nagar Kirtan Programs as follows:-

1. On 21/7/2013 Nagar Kirtan Program from Pajokhra Sahib to Kiratpur Sahib (Jinah Marg Pave)
2. On 26/11/2013 from Nada Sahib to Anandpur Sahib (Sees Marg Yatra)
3. 25/12/2013 Manimajra to Fatehgarh Sahib (Jorh Mela Fatehgarh Sahib)b